04 Jan

Lets Plan On Doing Something

Are We There Yet?

“Action is eloquence.” – William Shakespeare

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

“Git-R-Done!” – Larry the Cable Guy

Even though it might not seem so, it’s been a year since our last new elected officials were seated and only about 10 months before our next election. It’s 6 months away from the filing deadline for local office or maybe even a vote to raise taxes.

A lot can happen in a year. Or not.

As a famous shoe company said, “Just do it!” I don’t think they meant this to apply to their use of sweatshop child labor. I think they meant – “get off the couch, you grumpy bastard, and get something done!

This is why I submit a plan to banish all Planning Departments in the valley and replace them with Doing Departments.

We have been doing a lot of planning.

We have the Snake River Management Plan. This is when Teton County Parks and Rec determined to Control and Regulate local commercial businesses and their use of the river. For the life of me I don’t know why the county would want to add this to their list of responsibilities.

Then there is the Integrated Transportation Plan. This doozy was passed by the Council and Commission this summer, but it was only when staffers assured that electeds were not “committed” to anything in the plan, like the North Bridge. Huh? What? Not committed? Come again? Um, WTF, over? This thing is as useless as a wooden spoon at a spelling bee.

How about the Housing Action Plan? In this document, there seems to be little action except to build a larger bureaucracy on top of an existing one. It will cost millions just to do this new version of the Housing Authority. (Not to mention that the new Housing Director will need a housing allowance.) Nowhere in the plan is there any proposal of what will get built or where.

Let’s not forget the 2012 Comprehensive Plan, which has now changed its name to the 2000-something Comprehensive Fantasy. Endless meetings upon meetings, consultants, staff time and paper – and what do we have to show?

Has it all been a waste of time?

I don’t know. Let’s plan on having a meeting to set up a schedule to select a process for evaluating consultants whom will be able to tell us what the public thinks.


5 comment on “Lets Plan On Doing Something

  • Doing requires money. What is the source of the money, SPET ballot, mill levy, real estate transfer tax, bond issue, etc.? Once the dough is available, where is the housing built that doesn’t compromise the other important values and goals of the Comp Plan? The unstated fact avoided by our electeds & planners is everyone that desires to live in Jackson Hole cannot. This is an issue with no answer. Hiring a new Housing Czar prior to identitying the reoccurring funding mechanism is a futile gesture at a solution. And without a funding source locations for housing cannot be identified. The pinwheel keeps spinning.

  • I find it curious that our County government believes it can regulate a commercial business permitted by an agency of the Federal government to operate on a Federal waterway, but fail to address the huge growth in river use by private parties. Curious…

  • ‘We” want our working class to live here? If yes, tax everyone and use the money to double employees pay. That’s minimal govt maximum benefit. Next idea pick an area and get rid of the zoning code in the area and see what happens. No pain no gain.

  • To keep a mountainous stretch of the Hollywood Hills out of the hands of real estate developers, an alliance of Laurel Canyon residents and wildlife advocates is raising money to buy it .

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