06 Apr

Just Between Us

Off-Season Thoughts

Are they gone?

Okay, good. It’s just us.

So, I’ve been thinking.

I am trying to answer the question…

…What do I want for the future of the valley?

It’s hard and frankly it is easier to say what I don’t want.

So let me do that.

I don’t want 2500 new houses in the Town. At 2.3 persons per house that’s another 5750 residents. I don’t want that. Do you?

We’re full.

Sorry, I know it’s expensive.

We don’t really want you here. No offense, but we have enough. Go away.

We have enough non- profits.

Again, no offense, but you guys take up space just like everyone else. I know, your mission is the most important thing in the world. To me, however, if you aren’t about health and welfare of people, you are kind of a luxury. Not to mention, some of you are real assholes and you pay zero taxes. Just sayin’. So to new non-profits, we’re full.

For god’s sake (not capitalized because I’m not like that) let people redevelop their property. Take a drive through Jackson. Take the alleys. We are a bit of a shithole if you haven’t noticed. You have to pass laws that allow people to fix what is broken.

I don’t want the slide.

Fix that thing.

I am voting yes.

To those who vote no, you suck. Just fix the thing. It is like an asshole… …you want it behind you. Conspiracy geologists, go away. Blamers, go away. I liken this to gonorrhea. You can argue all you want about who gave it to you but, in the mean time, you might want to get that taken care of. By the way, never bang your pal’s partner, that’s were it comes from.

I don’t want all the events.

We don’t need anymore crap in the summer. I got the rodeo, the concerts, and the skids up the next block having cocaine fueled loud talk at 3 in the morning. Enough already. By the way, I find it amazing that you all pass out before you seal the deal. Wasn’t like that in the 80’s.

Also, I am sick and tired of road construction. Can we please have one summer without early morning backup beepers? Just one summer.

I don’t want a school on Hog Island.

WTF? This is like punishing a junior in high school for drinking by making them drink till they puke. I get it. You couldn’t find cheap property in JH. I get it. But just because it works for TCSD doesn’t make it right. As one school board member said, “it’s just a plan.” Why not find a better site and put it on the SPET. I would vote yes.

I don’t want to wait for the plan to be finished. Recently town and county planners informed the elected officials that they could barely walk and chew gum at the same time. They actually blamed the electeds, intimating that they don’t have the bandwidth to do it all. I beg to differ. Our commissioners and councilmembers have what it takes to do it. They just have to stop letting the planners set the schedule. Jeebus, get the thing done. This turd has been has been stinking for TEN years.

Finish the f’ing Grove. For some reason, the county seems to love the drama. Maybe it is a form of S and M, but I say go ahead and spank me, just let this embarrassment be finished.

In other observations, Hillclimb was the most civilized it history. Be proud of the Snow Devil’s and Cops. Snow removal this winter was great.

We live in a great place.

But, we are full.


9 comment on “Just Between Us

  • God bless …. We are full ……

  • Kind of a nasty tone to it. And strangely pointless. And plenty wrong. Let me mention a few ways. Anyone can fix what’s broken without new laws. What taxes would non-profits pay to local government? You think the only way to fix the slide is with your vote? That’s pretty stupid. It’s government’s job to fix shit without waiting 2.5 years to get a vote on it. Your analogy on the Hog Island school site it pointless. There is no SPET anymore. Stay current dude. The elected officials are lacking bandwidth. You don’t get it: the planners WORK for them. The Grove is on schedule. Pay attention to what is going on. I’ll repeat; the last phase of the Grove was never scheduled to start until June of 2016. I’ll repeat: pay attention and maybe you’ll be less sour. Or you could leave and go somewhere else?

  • I think this is why the voters decided they didn’t want you running the county or town anymore. Gosh.

    This falls rant into the category of “I have no vision for the future and don’t care”

    • Probably right… I agree that its a rant ,,, kind of the point. But thanks for the feedback,,, what is your vision for the valley?

  • I like all of this except the oft heard complaint about how many non profits there are (since I work for one). If the support is there, they will exist. If you’re a developer tying to pull something or doing something that messes with the environment, you probably don’t like the watch dog non profits. Tough. And then there is the seemingly innocent plea to let folks redevelop their property, which translated means increasing commercial zoning capacity. By the way, why does the “Grumble” feel the need to be anonymous?

    • Well Roger, I love the work you do, and I don’t complain that there are not excellent NP’s here (the purpose of the much ignored ‘no offense’ disclaimer). There are lots. The idea of commercial zoning should focus on redevelopment, in my opinion. Not looking for a ton of new commercial. Just want people to have the motivation to take down old and put up new – maybe even with some housing,,,not going to happen with the current and proposed regs.

      Keep up the good work

  • You’ve asked a number of difficult questions, none of which have simple answers. No one wants to step out and say “Wake Up” people not everyone will be able to live here. The local government is setting itself up to pick winners and losers.

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