18 Jul

Horror Story or Fairytale?


In a little valley in Wyoming the local school board decided to build a new elementary school in a place where no one wanted it.

Some citizens were so upset that they had to stop complaining about other things to complain about the school.

But the complaints bore no fruit and the school people said they are building it anyway.

But then the school people realized something. They remembered that the kids would have to pee and poop.

Darn it, they thought, now we need to hook up to the sewer plant.

Then the county said that since they were going to hook up to the sewer that they were going to zone the whole area by the new school for mobile home parks, apartment buildings, and houses.

Then everyone that complained about housing suddenly stopped complaining.

Their problem was solved. A crescendo of cheers rose, but suddenly stopped

A great silence fell upon the valley. It lasted for several minutes.

Growth, they shouted. Stop the growth.